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Rick Stanley

Camp Director


Allison Watson

Camp Coordinator

Stand Tall - Talk Small - Play Ball

Rocky Mountain Hoops Basketball camps were originally founded by former University of Alberta Bears head coach, Don Horwood. Coach Horwood led the Bears for 26 years and was named CIS Coach of the Year three times, before he retired at the end of the 2008/2009 season. Upon his retirement, camp ownership was shifted to Rick Stanley and Lon McMullen, current camp owners and directors. 

Coach Rick is a former Bears Basketball captain and well known coach throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. Rick was the head coach for the Alberta Basketball Men’s team, Jasper Place Rebels Men’s team, and the Paul Kane Blues Men’s and Women’s teams, and was named the Edmonton Public Coach of the Year in 2006 and 2008 as well as the Alberta Coach of the Year in 2006. Rick also worked as the General Manager for the Edmonton Energy pro team and is now an active official within the community. Rick has many years of experience in all levels of basketball and loves creating opportunities for young athletes to grow and improve.

Coach Lon has experience coaching at many levels and in many different places, including high school basketball in Queensland, Australia! Lon has coached throughout Alberta at both the high school and junior high level as well as with Alberta Basketball. Lon stays active in the community with his children and students and brings so much energy and excitement to our Rocky Mountain Hoops campers. Lon has seen a number of his players go on to play in college, university, and professionally and he brings his breadth of experience to each camper and coach every summer. 

In recent years, Kyle Palmer and Allison Watson have taken on Camp Coordinator roles with Rocky Mountain, alongside Rick and Lon. Both leaders in Edmonton Public Schools, long time RMH coaches, and active members of the basketball community in Edmonton, Coach Kyle and Coach Ally manage a lot of the behind the scenes action as well as day to day duties during tournament weekends or camp weeks. Coach Ally is the social media manager, website and advertising lead, and helps keep things running smoothly during our events. Coach Kyle does the majority of tournament and summer camp scheduling, selects and mentors coaches during summer camps, and works alongside coaches and referees during spring tournaments to ensure everyone gets what they need. 

Together, we welcome you to our RMH family, see you on the court!

Lon McMullen

Camp Director


Kyle Palmer

Camp Coordinator

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