Kudos to Rick, Lon, and your team of coaches for not only some humorous moments and comments, but, also their expertise, encouragement and more importantly, the time and effort to instill in each team member the methods they need to hone their skills.

I do want to note this – When I arrived in Jasper, I observed a very tired and sore child! Despite her disposition, our daughter persevered and continued to play and work hard. One particular time, you asked her if she felt she needed to sit out of the game and that it was okay! She flat out declined and said “No, I can and want to play”. Now that was worth the trip on on its own!! As well, the camaraderie with new friends from near and far are part of her memories and she continues contact with some today.

The food was nutritious and very good. In fact, I am now told we need buy different food and eat better at home! When we were on our way home, she told me that she felt that she should be working out – it became her routine!

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Rocky Mountain Camp. She welcomed the challenges that prompted the mental stimulation she needed to work on her basketball skill and endurance as well as her whole being. She is back playing basketball at school and is more confident given the skills she learned.

I want you to know that the Rocky Mountain Hoops Camp in Jasper is a fabulous venue to train and educate youth in the sport of basketball, so that they can strive to be the best they can be (with their hard work) – it sure was for our daughter!

Carrie and Ray Werschler
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Hey Rick. Just want to say a huge THANKS to you, the coaches and the cooks. My son Devin had an awesome time and is looking forward to participating next year. The growth and maturity he shows from attending this camp is remarkable.

Words simply can’t express how grateful we are and the inspiration you have been!!


Barry Janzen


Just a note to share with you about the success and incredible work being done at Rocky Mountain Hoops Camps.

Our daughter is 12 and was extremely apprehensive about attending camp this summer. She was greeted at the door with incredible enthusiasm and never looked back.

She raved about the coaches, skills and fun activities that the athletes took part in. It was a memorable experience as our daughter met kids from various communities around the province. Canmore was a wonderful site and we will certainly be back for years to come.

Please share this with your coaches!! And we will see you next summer!

Canmore Participant Parent


Luke attended three different basketball camps this summer. I asked him which of the three he liked the best and he immediately said
the Rocky Mountain Hoops Camp. He said he liked all three but he learned the most at the Rocky Mountain Camp.
He said it was the only camp where the coaches actually taught him how to be a better player. He said that the coaches were the best at your camp. They had high energy, knew the game and were interested in helping Luke improve. The other camps ran drills and stations but he said that there was never any feedback on how you were doing.

Please share this with your coaches!! And we will see you next summer!

Sue Praught


My son Tyrell is a competitive grade 11 kid at our school and competes with the bulk of the grade 12’s as well. So when he went to camp he was expecting to be one of the better players there. I don’t think he was thinking he would learn a lot. So after the first day I asked him how it went and he said it was awesome and that he was learning alot. Even basic foot placement… I was surprised.

I think the camp is worth every penny spent and Tyrell will be a returning camper!



I have been coaching basketball for years as a coach and now parent coach and what I appreciated from the Rocky Mountain Camp was the teachings that are going on. Far beyond basketball! The motivation and learning lessons were very solid principles that I am extremely impressed with. Rocky Mountain is a hard week of basketball but the kids felt like it was a holiday. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences that my son and his friends have ever had. The directors and coaches are top notch and I even picked up many skills and drills to share with my community team. We will not miss a summer of Rocky Mountain Basketball.



Attending the Rocky Mountain Basketball Camp in Jasper for my first time was an excellent experience. The coaches were fabulous and knew how to teach the game. Everyone respects each other, and the main priority of the camp is to excel in basketball. You are able to play basketball early in the morning and late at night learning different styles and moves so you can show off to your friends. You will also make great connections with all the people at the camp because I know I did!

Aldrin Hjelmeland


During my week at camp, I learnt a lot, had fun and met many friends. It was literally one of the best weeks of my life! Sleeping in a room full of girls from across the province was intimidating at first but then I found a common ground with all of them: basketball. All the coaches were incredible basketball players and had something that they were specifically good at (i.e. dribbling, defense). With most coaches I got to relate to on a personal level as did many of my fellow campers. A relationship was made between player and coach where they would give up their lunch break to practice and go over drills to make you a better basketball player. But they taught more than just how to do a lay- up and the perfect form for a jump shot, they taught us the mentality of the game and the skills that you need to have off the court to succeed on the court (i.e. good work ethic, perseverance). The coaches used their personal examples to teach us and allowed us to learn from their mistakes. I improved as a basketball player while having the time of my life outside in the sun! I made new friends and memories that will stay with me forever. The only downer was that the camp ended too soon!

Rebecca Linville


Our daughter attended the Rocky Mountain camp in Jasper for three years. She has played community ball as well as Junior High and Senior High ball. The coaching she received at the camp was some of the best she has had and her skills improved significantly.
In addition, she had a blast with the other players and made friends that she still keeps in touch with. Her experience was very positive and we are very sorry that she will not be able to attend next year as she is now too old.

Peter and Diane Rivers


Rocky Mountain Basketball camps have been a great experience for me. The coaches are phenomenal. They are very approachable and helpful with any problems you may have. The coaches push you to become the best player you can be and any player at any level can find competition to make them a better player. I personally found playing against both boys and girls helped me become more aggressive and develop better shooting and dribbling skills. There is the perfect amount of breaks during the day so you don’t get too tired out from all the basketball. These times are the perfect time to become more acquainted with room and team mates. Being able to stay to stay overnight with your team mates gives you the chance to get to know your team mates better and make lasting friendships. It is the perfect balance between on court and off court time. The white water rafting which is offered is a great option. I recommend the white water rafting since it gives you a chance to cool off from playing in the sun. Overall Rocky Mountain Basketball camps are an awesome opportunity and experience and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their game.

Tamara Smigorowsky